Hi, my name is Alejandro del Nogal, i have 43 years old, i live in Madrid (Spain) and how you can see i'm a fucking Crue collector.

I know Motley Crue since i heard in the BSO of Biggles (Hero of time) but i have in this time around 11 years, i was too young and don't know who was this group that i heard and i like this song.

Spain was very dificult country to find rare items of all groups and only you can find this rarities if your buddies travel to London, in a collectors fairs, or in the 2 or 3 importation music shops that was in Madrid (Discos Melocotón, Bangla-Desh and little more) and the few items that you can find was very very expensives, but this was not an impediment so that later, around the 88's and a little more musics shops in Madrid how Discos Ziggy, Hard Vinyl... i begin to collect all that i can find about the Crue's.

I remember when i pass all the evenings to turn around all heavy shops of this time, Ziggy discos when he have its shop back of the missing parking of Santo Domingo (another fucker that sell very very expensive but maybe was the only seller with interesing and rares items of the Crue), Bangla Desh when have its shop in Rios Rosas, Hard Vinyl when the shop was in the passage of Santo Domingo (what a fool, bad customer atention prizes up and the customers go to the other new shop called Sun Records and finally the shop closed, i remember that this man works during a time in the same Hard Vinyl, in the shop of Plaza España), Melocotón when the shop was in Carretas street, La metralleta in the parking of Plaza de las Descalzas and the Madrid Rock near the Plaza de las Descalzas and the shop in Calle Mayor and too i remember a small shop in the Centro Comercial Arenal 9.

Different of this methods, the only way to buy items was put an announcement in local radios like "Discocross", "El Basarock" or "El Pirata" . Later i find the " Feria del Coleccionismo Discográfico and Cinematográfico" where 2 times at year an UK men comes with a lot of rare items and have 4 rows of peoble waiting to see rows discs (i remember that this fucker where very very expensive  and more expensive that include Ziggy).

Now i remember when i change the prizes of de LPS in Madrid Rock when not used the code bars and i buy all for 599 pesetas when they cost 1200. And when  i went to Vips of Callao and Plaza de España and change too the prizes of the magazines and buy all for 195 pesetas when its value was between 795 and 995 ¡¡¡what fucker man!!!. And too when i buy disc for other buddies collectors to low prize ans re-sell very very expensives as for to make money and buy more Crue items ¡¡¡but what a fucker man too!!! too was more expensive that the english man and Ziggy together.

In the early of 90's i knew to a buddie named Manrique, he was a great Crue collector but later he sold all his items and i buy a great part of his collection. (Manrique if you read this, greetings man).

Later i had a hard times for my Crue collection and for extensivo for all the heavy music around the middle of the 90's caused for differents factors like the closed of a part of the Musics shops and too the closed of differents heavy clubs when i went all the weekends (like the 2 Canciller, the Studio Rock, etc).

Too with by the separation of the Crue's was very rare find new items here, then i leave to buy Crue items except 2 or 3 Singles for i can't find any items and most difficult in vinyl.

But i reborn in 2005 with his first visit to Spain the june 24 in La Cubierta de Leganés and the next day in Zaragoza where i see another time to the Crue and too and very important when i found the fucking Ebay and the earlies fears for to buy in internet i continue with my Crue collection until getting to be what is nowadays.

I know have a lot of Crue collectors out there with the double or triple of items that i (i make that i can), but i hope this collection help to the others Crue collectors or include if you only have a Crue fan, you can see rare items that you don't know or maybe this collection help you to see and find new Crue items that you can buy to make bigger your own Crue collection.

Thanks to all and sorry my bad english.



Now a picture that i have been finding that way:

I'm the first for the left with friend Javi and ours girlsfriends of these times. The early years... what hairs...


A picture with a new look. Probably if you see me in the street don´t think that i'm a Crue collector.


In Isla Paraiso 2009
By night
Driving the buggy
A mud mask.
Another one.
A shower and like new.
Fuck, more rain that in the Gods of Metal 2007
In the pool


With Sonia, a girl very very special for me.
Sonia in Puerto Plata 2009.
Sonia in the mud 2009



LA CUBIERTA DE LEGANÉS - Madrid, 24 de junio de 2005

In this picture from the left to the right Gabriel, Rudy, my friend Picudo y me in the Crue concert in La Cubierta de Leganés the june 24 of 2005. (thanks for the pics Gabriel).


To the concert in Zaragoza the june 25 of 2005 i havent pictures and i don't know why.


GODS OF METAL - Milan, 2 de junio de 2007

Here i'm with Bea,wich is until fed up with which it spends all the money in the fucking Crue and don't save the money for other "more important things". But she come with me to all concerts (¡¡¡she don't pay any ticket never!!!. To the concert in Milano the bus, come people from all the world (see the chinesse guy of my back, XD). Here i'm with my jacket jeans made by my hands and before the deluge. Here the deluge is up us, the animals was there but ¡¡¡where fucking is the ark!!!.





KOBETASONIK - Bilbao 24 junio 2009


With Toni at the gates of the Kobeta. With a friend. Another one
With Laura after the show. Another one. With Toni after the show.
Another one With Willy and another friend. Black out...






To the next concert...