In this tutorial you can find the differents versions that have about the first Motley Crue's single with the songs "Stick to your guns/Toast of the town" and how diferenciate the original and the copies.


Stick to your guns - 1st press

This is the original first press and its characteristics are principally:

  • The cover is mounted as if outside on and beaten, in other copies the cover is fotocopied and the difference is easily to distinguish.

  • If we paid attention kindly to the cover we will see that the white part is something more loss than the black part of the lateral ones on which it goes beaten and in the backsleeve one it is just the other way around, the black part is lower than the white.

  • The serial matrix of the disc is:
    Side A: MC-001-A R-7224 JS-XTAL L-5354
    Side B: R-7225 MC 001-B JS-XTAL L-5354-X

  • It is published by "Leather Records" and not like "Leathur Records" that later appears in the first edition of "Too fast for love" .


Have 5 differents copies of the original single but all are easilly identifiables, go to see they:


Stick to your guns - DHP serial

This US press is difference by:

  • The sleeve is a photocopy and is not mounted like the original press.

  • The serial matrix of the disc is:

    Side A: DHP-1, L20462-A
    Side B: DHP-2, L20462-B

Stick to your guns - JPE Serial

This is another rare copy of the first single. It is a japanese press. I always think that was a US copy but a Japan seller confirm me that was pressed in Japan.

Too is hard to confirm without any other information.


  • The serial matrix of the disc is:

    Side A: JPE-0091A
    Side B: JPE-0091B

  • The letters of the innersleeve has a different font of letters that the DHP-1 copy.

Stick to your guns - Serial D 1

This is other rare press of the first single, is a Japan press and the difference is:

The serial matrix of the disc is:

  • Side A: D1
  • Side B: D1
  • Come with other serial number but it is erased.

  • The innersleeve come without letters and without any other indication, is all white.

  • Is a limited edition probably of 500 copies but im not sure, each copy comes numered inside the single bag.

  • Come free with a Japan promo double bootleg called "Live Pain 85". If you find this bootleg new you find this little treasure inside.

Stick to your guns - 2003's reedition

US copy reedition of 2003 that only sold through and only was sold 2000 copies.

Have a lot of differences easilly identifiables of the others versions:

  • The cover shine, have a brillant look .

  • We can see clearly the page direction of theMotley Crue´s web ( in the backsleeve and in the disc.

  • The hole of the disc is small.

Stick to your guns - 2005's reedition LP+Single

This is another copy of the first single but only can be find buying the "Too fast for love" 2005 reedition in vinyl of the Hip-O Records company because come free with it. Only was pressed 5000 copies.

Here is the info of this item:

  • He hole of the center of the disc is big like the first versions of the single.

  • We can see clearly in the backsleeve and in the single the Hip-O Records and the Motley Records logos.

  • The backsleeve comes with gold stamp where says clearly "Limited edition".