Here you can see B.S.O. and others rarities about Motley Crue.


3 titles rares - CD FR Maxi (PRCD 726) promo. Warner

French promo press advanced CD in cardboard with 3 songs

Amnesty international conference

Amnesty international single picture disc about the Human Right. Haven´t any song is a speech but use the picture of Vince Neil for the single. Is a very rare an limited edition of 2 copies

Amnesty international conference

Really i dont know whats inside

BSO Biggles - LP SPA (254119 1)

Spanish press of the B.S.O. from the movie "Biggles, el viajero del tiempo"

BSO Ready to rumble - CD US (83334-2) promo. 143 Records-Atlantic

US press of the B.S.O. from the movie Ready to rumble

BSO The adventures of Ford Fairlane - LP UK (EKT 74)

UK press of the B.S.O. from the movie The adventures of Ford Fairlane

Can you rock - CD US (CD 9193). School of Rock records

US press karaoke with 18 songs. Contain versions with vocals removed, with guitar removed an with vocal and guitar removed at same time, then you can sing, play the guitar or the 2 at same time

Eleven Seven Music 10 years - CD US promo. Eleven Seven

CD US promo to commemorate the 10 years of Eleven Seven.

Eleven Seven Music Fan Pack - CD US (7 66929 94962 1) + shirt. RED

US pack with 1 cd with 13 songs, where can hear the songs "Tattoos & Tequila" by Vince Neil, "Heart Failure" by SIXX A.M, "Face down in the dirt" by Motley Crue and acoustic version of "Pray for me" by SIXX A.M. Too it comes with a shirt

High Voltage Motley Christmas Special - LP US (HV 89-52) 12-18-1989. Westwood One

US radio special with 2 discs

Home songs - CD US (PM0609) promo. Cherry Lane

CD US promo with 17 songs. COmo with the song"Home sweet home" played by the Crue and by Carrie Underwood.

Home sweet home - Huracan relieve - CD US

US press CD single with 1 song released to help the Hurricane Relief Effort. Play with the singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington

Home sweet home - Huracan relieve - CD US promo

US promo press CD single with 1 song released to help the Hurricane Relief Effort. Play with the singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington

Instore cassette new releases - CAS (N53). WEA

Cassette compilation where appears the song "Without you"

Karaoke to Motley Crue - CD US (CD 2216). Open Mike records

US press karaoke with 16 songs

Krugozor magazine 12-89 + flexidisc - Single RUS flexidisc

Flexidisc from russian magazine Krugozor, this magazine come with 6 flexidiscs with song played at the Peace Music Festival in 1989

Le sampler Rock Hard 55 - CD FR promo compilation

French promo compilation with 15 songs and one is "Shout at the devil" live taken from the Live Crue album

Looks that kill - Single JAP (PS-1032) sampler flexidisc

Japan press flexidisc with 5 songs, but only one is of Motley Crue (Looks that kill). This single comes free with a Japan promo version of the LP Theatre of Pain.

Mandatory Motley Nikki Sixx Radio Liners - CD US promo. Hip-O Records

Compilation of radio linners in an US radio station. Nikki Sixx announce an special program about Motley Crue, salutes to all fans, etc

Maximum Overdrive - CD EU (ROC118-05-08) promo compilation Classic Rock issue num 118

European compilation with 14 songs where one is the "Too fast for love" live

Maximum Rock Tour - CD US promo

US CD compilation with 9 songs 3 of Motley Crue and the rest, 3 of Megadeth and 3 of Anthrax. Was released to promote the Maximum Rock Tour, the New Tatoo Tour

Metal Masters 7 gates of hell - CD EU (220279-205). Membran Music

European CD compilation with 16 song and the song "Looks that kill" live

Off the Record Special - CD US (Show 98 - 44)

US radio special about Motley Crue. Come 10 songs and radio ads

Off the record special Motley Crue - LP US (W 89-49) 11-27-1989. Westwood One

Motley Crue radio Special Especial US press with 2 discs

Save our souls (cover) - CD FR sampler promo compilation. Hard Rock num 48

French promo CD that come free with the # 30 of the magazine Hard Rock. That include a cover of the band SOP to the song "Save your souls" from the LP Theatre of pain"

Stairway to heaven highway to hell - CD US (842 093-2). BMG

CD US press. Under the name of "Make a difference fundation" was released this album to benefit for help in the fight against the drugs and alcohol. Come with 11 songs of differents bands and Motley Crue make a version of the "Teaser"

Stairway to heaven highway to hell - LP HOL (842 093-1)

Dutch versión of the "Make a difference foundation" but in LP

Stars - Single UK (884 004 7)

UK press of the song "Stars" extracted from the album "Heard 'n aid" to end the unger in Africa. In this song plays and sing a lot of musicians like Dio, Dokken, Queenryche and others. Vince Neil sing and Mick Mars plays too along the song

Summer Rock 2008 Sampler - CD US (GS-0708) promo. Warner

US CD sampler promo with 18 songs with a lot of bands like Motley Crue, SIXX AM, Buckcherry, TRAPT and more

The best of Heavy Metal Supergroup - CD IND (3480). Audio Master Records

Indonesian compilation in cassette with various bands. Appears the "Smoking in the boys room" song

The Dirt - CD GER (NB 1686-2) 2 CDS. Nuclear blast

Book The Dirt in german

Yoga to Motley Crue - CD US. Amazon.com

Motley Crue songs to practice yoga


This flexidiscs are made somewhere in centre europe and haven't an offical released, they are a home made singles. This is a characteristics that confirm this singles are falses:

  • Some of the songs used in these flexidisc have not been never released like singles.
  • The sleeves do not have anything to do with the aesthetic one of the 80 what gives to understand that they have been created much later.
  • If you ask to the seller (a good guy) he say that don't know where was pressed (it is not going to you to say that it does in a garage).
  • The quality sound is very poor. In other flexidiscs, the quality of the music is very good.


Come on and dance - Single RUS (8322) bootleg flexidisc blue

Russian press flexidisc blue with only a song

Looks that kill - Single RUS (7694) bootleg flexidisc red

Russian press flexidisc red with only a song

Red hot - Single RUS (3604) bootleg flexidisc green

Russian press flexidisc green with only a song